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Maria Crimi-Speth (at 00.12 in the video) has been Ed Magedson’s attorney for more than 15 years. They come from the same area in NY and there is quite a bit of history around Magedson and Tupper Lake.

Crimi-Speth has a new blog which apparently aims to empower women. In one post she talks about facing monsters. Clearly she has had plenty of experience dealing with Magedson, yet he does not get a mention. I wonder if she is trying to disengage from him? It is way too late!

Crimi-Speth is not a woman who is a good role model for others. There is a man who knows all the secrets about Crimi-Speth and he just loves to share them. 

We did not ask for this fight. Like the other thousands of people attacked and destroyed by Ripoff Report, we just wanted to live our lives. But Ed Magedson, Maria Crimi-Speth and Adam Kunz drew a line in the sand and that was a really big mistake! We are fighting back!

Breaking News

Ed Magedson has a new recruitment video. Trying to do his bit for the disenfranchised youth of America. Watch it here:

G’Day from Australia Ed! 



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